Van Wert Civic Theatre

S.O.S – we need your support

We need your help. Van Wert Civic Theatre, like all performing arts venues, is struggling to survive in 2020.

As you know, all activity as VWCT ceased by April due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What also stopped was all income. What did not stop were the operating expenses needed to keep our theater viable and ready to go when it is safe to open up again. Some of these expenses include mortgage payments, utilities, insurance, tax filings, and inspections that need to be done to name a few. We have taken some cost cutting measures as we wait for word that we can open fully and safely. But the reality remains that, if we truly want the “show to go on,” we are going to need some help.

We encourage you to be a lifeline for VWCT and help us S.O.S – Save Our Stage! All donations will go towards our operating expenses. This is not a membership drive. It is a S.O.S. drive. Our hope is that we can keep our monthly operating expenses covered and not put ourselves into a devastating financial situation as this pandemic continues. Perhaps you would consider donating the cost to see five shows during a regular season or of a patron subscription in the past. Any donation amount will further our goal to remain afloat.

Thank you to our S.O.S supporters. If you have not yet donated, we thank you in advance for your tax-deductible contribution to our S.O.S. drive. Please make donations payable to Van Wert Civic Theatre. Send your check to Van Wert Civic Theatre, P.O. Box 823, Van Wert, OH 45891. **You can also donate online **

We miss doing what we do best…live theatre. And we miss you – our audiences, volunteers, actors, and technical crews. Please stay safe. With your help, VWCT plans to be ready when this pandemic subsides.