Memberships and Flex Passes

OUR MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS HAVE CHANGED SIGNIFICANTLY. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY. Patron, Stellar Patron, and Patron Angel DO NOT include tickets. These are your way of supporting our mission and our way of giving you some amazing benefits – like access to reserve tickets to ANY show beginning Sept 9. If you want tickets, those are called Flex Passes. Flex pass holders can reserve one week before the opening of a show. YES, YOU CAN COMBINE A MEMBERSHIP AND A FLEX PASSES.

FLEX PASSES – For the 2021 – 2022 season, Flex Passes are sold in sets of 4 for $55.  Buy Flex Passes before October 3, 2021 to save 15% on regular ticket prices and use for any show in any way you wish.  No Flex Passes will be sold after Oct 3, 2021.  A Flex Pass can be used to “purchase” a seat to any show you wish.  Use all four passes on one show, use one pass for each regular season show, or use them in any combination you can image.  Only Flex Pass holders with Patron level memberships get early Box Office access.   The box office will open to the public (anyone without a membership) one week before the opening of the show.  A Flex Pass alone does not provide early box office access.  (Flex Passes cannot be used for Lion King, Jr). 

Our new MEMBERHIPS levels can be combined with a Flex Pass to allow early access to the Box Office.   This year, those with any membership at the Patron level can reserve seats for ANY shows in the season beginning September 9, 2021.  That’s correct! If you have any Patron level membership, you can reserve seats to any of our shows beginning September 9.