2014 – 15

 September 25 – October 5, 2014 | Directed by Perry S. Luhn
Written by Neil Simon

At a large, tastefully appointed Sneden’s Landing townhouse, the Deputy Mayor of New York has just shot himself. Though only a flesh wound, four couples are about to experience a severe attack of Farce. Gathering for their tenth wedding anniversary, the host lies bleeding in the other room and his wife is nowhere in sight. His lawyer, Ken and wife Chris must get “the story” straight before the other guests arrive. As the confusions and miscommunications mount, the evening spins off into classic farcical hilarity.


November 20 – December 6, 2014| Directed by Jerry Zimmerman

VWCT sincerely regrets the previously announced selection of Annie as our 1st Musical has been denied by Music Theatre International. Annie is on National Tour and has exclusivity and is not available for local production
VWCT will be presenting A Taffeta Christmas!



“A Taffeta Christmas” tells the story of four sisters from Muncie, Ind., who have gone off to find fame and fortune in New York City with this new medium called television. Now the sisters have returned in triumph to Muncie to do a live broadcast (all TV was live then) from their hometown on the old Dumont Television Network. The play mixes the nostalgic music of the 1950s with some great timeless Christmas songs.


January 22 – February 1, 2015  | Directed by Steve Lane

Written by Jamie Wooten, Jessie Jones, and Nicholas Hope

…And, yes, it’s set in Texas! This deliriously funny Southern-fried farce finds the Verdeen cousins of Sweetgum, Texas teetering on disaster again. This is the sequel to VWCT’s previous production-“The Red Velvet Cake War.” As the outrageous complications of this ferociously funny Jones-Hope-Wooten comedy explode into chaos, you’ll find yourself hoping your next family celebration – be it birthday, wedding or funeral – is even half this much fun!          



March 12 – 22, 2015  | Directed by George Dunster

Written by Bruce Graham

This is a wonderful, off beat variation on the saloon situation comedy. Nuclear bombs have destroyed much of the U.S. and various denizens of this working class bar are trying to decide what to do. Enter a traveling salesman who turns out to be God who has come to offer the bartender immortality if he will write a new Bible and get it right this time.






May 7 – 17, 2015  | Directed by Jerry Zimmerman

CLUELOGOThe internationally popular game is now a fun filled musical which brings the world’s best known suspects to life and invites the audience to help solve the mystery: who killed Mr. Boddy, in what room and with what weapon. The audience receives forms to help them deduce the solution from clues given throughout the fun filled evening. Three audience members choose from cards representing the potential murderers, weapons and rooms; there are 216 possible solutions! Only one hard-nosed female detective is qualified to unravel the merry mayhem. Comic antics, witty lyrics and a beguiling score carry the investigation from room to room. Even after the culprit confesses, a surprise twist delights the audience.